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Diploma in Family and Consumer Sciences (Family and Consumer Sciences)
Diploma in Biotechnology(Biotechnology)
Diploma in Agricultural Technology(Agricultural Technology)
BSc Food and Post Harvest Engineering(Food and Post Harvest Engineering)
BSc Irrigation and Drainage Engineering(Irrigation and Drainage Engineering)
BSc Farm Power and Machinery Engineering(Farm power and Machinery Engineering)
BED Science(Science)
BED Mathematics Studies(Mathematics Studies)
BED Agriculture studies(Agriculture Studies)
BED Business Studies(Business Studies)
BSc Community Nutrition(Community Nutrition)
BSc Community Health(Community Health)
Diploma in integrated BusinessStudies(Integrated Business Studies)
BA Integrated Business Studies(Business Studies)
BSc Applied Chemistry(Applied Chemistry)
BSc Applied Biology(Applied Biology)
Diploma in Statistics(Diploma in Statistics)
BSc Climate Change and Food Security(Climate Change and Food Security)
BSc Agricultural extension(Agricultural extension)
BSc Fisheries and Aquatic Management(Fisheries and Aquatic Management)
BSc Wildlife Management(Wildlife Management)
BSc Renewable Natural Resources(Renewable Natural Resources)
BSc Biotechnology and Molecular Biology(Biotechnology and Molecular Biology)
BSc Food Processing Technology(Food Processing Technology)
BSc Veterinary Nursing(Veterinary Nursing)
BED in Agricultural Science(Agricultural Science)
BSc Family and Consumer Sciences(Consumer Sciences)
BSc Agriculture Technlogy(Agriculture Technology)
Diploma in medical Laboratory Technology(Medical laboratory Technology)
Bachelor of Science Laboratory Technology Programme(Laboratory Technology Programme)

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