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Diploma theology (theology )
Studies in Sacred Ministry(Sacred Ministry)
Studies in Bible and Christian Ministry(Bible and Christian Ministry)
Advanced Studies in Bible and Christian Ministry(Bible and Christian Ministry)
Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality (CTH) UK (CTH)
Ghanaian local languages(Twi, Ga, Ewe, Hausa)
Tell Me More(Language)
Talk to Me(Language)
Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism(Mass Communication and Journalism)
Professional Certificate in Garment Construction(Garment Construction)
Professional Certificate in Fashion illustration( Fashion illustration)
Higher Diploma in Fashion Design(Fashion Design)
Bachelor of Science in Fashion and Design(Fashion and Design)
Bachelor of Business Administration in Procurement and Supply Chain Management(Procurement and Supply Chain Management)
Professional Certificate in Hardware and Networking(Hardware and Networking)
Professional Certificate in Computer Application (Computer Application )
MSc IT Management (IT Management)
MSc Computing (Computing)
Diploma in Smartphone Application Development using Android(Smartphone Application Development)
Integrated Program in IT and Business Skills ( )
Honors Diploma In Network Engineering(MS Windows Server 2008 Platform)
Mastermind Series v3 in Network Engineering(Network Engineering)
Mastermind Series v3 in Software Engineering(Software Engineering)
hotel management( )
dipolima in nursing(nursing)
B.Ed Art(Art)
Public Finance and Accountancy(Financial Accounting)
Aviation management( )
bussiness adiministration(commerce)
Untrained Teachers Diploma in Basic Education(Education)